Carbon Stories from the Ground: Farmers for Forests

Q3 2022 Update - Farmers-led climate action in Maharashtra, India

Carbon Stories from the Ground: Farmers for Forests
In the last 3 months

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It is that time of the year we like! When we bring you stories from the ground. And this time, it is from one of our project partners: Farmers for Forests.

For easy access – here is what the project is about👇🏼

Making biodiverse forests financially viable for farmers
What if farmers can get paid to take care of the trees that are planted in their lands? Farmers for Forests do exactly that.,Under their pioneering Payment-for-Ecosystem-Services model, agrarian and tribal communities are financially compensated for ecosystem conservation and restoration that their…

Activities undertaken in the last quarter 🌴

  • Plantation was done from 11th August to 16th August, 2022
  • 2000 saplings of 56 different species were planted
  • Financing enabled by Climers was used to purchase the sapling, provide a drip irrigation system and compost and pay local village staff for plantation
  • The first cash transfer to farmers will begin early February 2023  

The land is owned by Ms. Usha Baravkar. Her husband who’s recently retired from the police has the following to say about his career post-retirement.

As a policeman, I’ve spent my life working for the people. Now I want to live in the village and work with nature.

Other activities undertaken by our partner in the region 🌿

  • 📚 Schools for Forests program in Gadchiroli, Maharashtra
  • 🐘 Elephant protection program in Gadchiroli, Maharashtra
  • 🚌 About to kickstart a mobile science laboratory for children in the Tribal Department Ashram schools. Focus includes quality science education, including climate-change, ecology, as well as astronomy

Stay tuned for more such carbon stories from the ground!

In the meanwhile, learn about our other climate solutions that are doing fantastic work like Farmers for Forests. You can directly take climate action by backing any of these projects.